Pioneering the treatment of electrical injury


Clinical Services

CETRI was established to support expansion of a longstanding multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional clinical and research collaboration focused on improving the functional clinical recovery of survivors of electrical shock injury. This city wide collaboration began in Chicago more than twenty-five years ago and now involves experienced clinical experts from five academic medical centers in Chicago. I addition, CETRI maintains communication with similar research teams in Canada, China and France. The collaboration was formed because of the complex multi-systems problems that often manifest following electrical shock and lightning strike injuries. CETRI's mission and objectives is to improve recovery and rehabilitation of electrical shock survivors. More than five hundred electrical shock and lightning strike survivors have been evaluated by CETRI's clinicians.

Electrical shock survivors that contact CETRI will have their medical records reviewed to determine if they fit within the scope of CETRI's expertise and to determine which, if any, further evaluations are needed to make informed clinical management recommendations. CETRI will enroll appropriate patients for multi-disciplinary team evaluation and coordinate the evaluation schedule. The specific evaluations performed is adjusted to addressed the clinical problems manifested by the patient. The schedule typically includes multiple specialties at several academic medical centers. This evaluation typically entails several days of intensive testing. Following the evaluations, a comprehensive report is generated based on the individual reports of each examiner seen by the patient. Upon completion of the evaluation and generation of a team report, the patients are referred to the primary care physician or to CETRI specialists for continued management. CETRI monitors the patient progress and works to schedule follow up evaluations. For patients that do not live in the Chicago area, CETRI's recommendations made by CETRI's clinicians are referred to clinicians in the region of the patient's residence that have been selected by the patient.

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