Electrical Injury Care Services

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The more we learn about electrical shock, the more complex the clinical manifestations of electrical shock injury appear. Electrical shock injury is not just a thermal burn, but rather causes tissue injury through multiple mechanisms. The body components that are most vulnerable to electrical force injury are nerves and skeletal muscles, because these tissues develop as biological electrical control circuits which makes them highly sensitive to electrical signals. Thus, electrical forces caused by lightning or electrical shock can disrupt these circuits.

The human nervous system is widely interconnected. Injury to a part of it often results in widespread manifestations, even in parts that seem functionally independent. Depending on the type of electrical injury, often patients will report impaired memory function, loss of skin sensation, tingling, pain, disturbed sleep patterns, and nerve damage.

Advances in rehabilitation medicine are providing important insights into recovery from nerve and muscle injury. The CETRI medical team consists of electrical trauma specialists who can provide customized strategies to help restore function and life balance to survivors of electrical shock injury.