What Is Electricity and How CETRI is Advancing Electrical Injuries Rehabilitation Through Research

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Electricity fuels our world, but the dangers of this invisible energy are important to keep in mind. Join us as we explore electricity and the groundbreaking work of the Chicago Electrical Trauma Rehabilitation Institute (CETRI) in advancing treatment for electrical injuries through cutting-edge research. Understanding Electricity: Fundamental Energy Electricity is the flow of electric charge…

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Avoiding Domestic Electrical Injuries

Electricity is a fundamental part of our daily lives, powering our gadgets, appliances, and lighting our homes. However, the convenience of electricity comes with potential risks, particularly the danger of electrical injuries at home. While we often associate electrical hazards with high-voltage industrial settings, domestic electrical incidents can also have severe consequences. The Risk at…

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In the study titled, “Life after Electrical Injury – Risk Factors for Psychiatric Sequelae”, CETRI faculty explore the risk electrical injury survivors have in developing psychiatric symptoms post injury. Long-term cognitive and emotional deficits have been commonly reported in electrical injury (EI) survivors. However, it remains undetermined what risk factors may lead to the development…

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Electrical Shock Association with Arc Flash and Arc Blast Hazards

Accident from work

Electrical arc fault events remain a common form of human injury. Injuries associated with “Arc flash” events are commonly defined as those associated with light and heat radiating from high-energy electrical arcs. Similarly, “Arc Blast” injuries are commonly defined as those resulting from human exposure to the large pressure shock wave pulse emanating from the…

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Understanding the Difference Between Commercial Power Electrical Shocks and Lightning Shocks

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Electrical shock injuries can result from contact with either lightning current or commercial electrical power current. The extent of injury depends on several factors, and there are notable differences in how they affect the body and their clinical manifestations. This article will discuss the differences between lightning and commercial power electrical shocks. Additionally, we provide…

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